Our Story

One thing we know about hair here at Love, Mellie is that we know that hair is complicated, sometimes stressful and it can be messy. But another thing we know is that - it does get better, we promise.

Created by Emilia Servane, better known as Emmy to friends and family - and Mellie to her twin sister.

Ex-Marketing Manager and Founder of The Good Hair Co. a beauty tech startup using data to help people with textured hair (Coily, Kinky, Curly and Wavy) find the right information on how to manage and maintain their kinks and curls as well as introduce them to the right products for their hair type.
For as long as I've been natural I knew I wanted to create my own hair products - something clean, simple and fun and safe for sensitive skin as I have contact dermatitis and after the sudden jump from Marketing into the startup world, Love, Mellie felt like the most natural next step.

"Going natural was a very big adjustment. It made me confront a LOT of feelings I had towards myself and I knew that I didn't want anyone else to go through the same feelings I had. I want to create a community - particularly a safe space for Black Women to share, cry, laugh and grow together, my little gift to the world. Because our hair is good hair, always has been and always will be." - EMILIA SERVANE, FOUNDER.

- Love, Mellie.